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Keaton Robert Stromberg was born July 16, 1996 in Tarzana, California. The date is significant because the family was hoping he would be born on his uncle Robert's bday. Robert Stromberg is a multi-Academy award winning art director for the films "Avatar" and "Alice in Wonderland". The Stromberg lineage runs deep in the entertainment industry. Dad, William Stromberg is a film composer with two Grammy nominations. Keaton gets his musical talent from both sides of his family with his mother, Laraine Claire a professional harpist and composer. Keats began with the piano at 6, then picked up the guitar and bass when jamming with his older brother, Wesley. As the kid whose house was always rocking with music, after school Keaton would bring home friends for impromptu concerts.

In between summers spent at the Sequim skate park and winters snowboarding at Hurricane Ridge, Keaton would record music for hours on his Mac computer, learning all the newest LogicPro technology. In school, Keaton sang in select choir and at 14 was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall. By 15, it became evident he was going to pursue a career in music and made the hard decision to leave his hometown and move to So Cal with his brother, Wesley. The family packed up and landed in Huntington Beach. It was hard to make friends at first, but the time alone was spent recording new music with Wes and Drew. On breaks they would hit the beach, surf until sunset, then get back to recording again. Keaton does independent study to fit schoolwork in with his Emblem3 performing schedule. Keaton has two older sisters, Brooke and Brianna, who are his #1 fans.
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Hey whats up my name is Wesley Stromberg, I am 18 years of age. I grew up in a small ass town called Sequim in Washington state and then at age 16 moved to Orange County cali to build a career in music. I now live in Huntington beach "Surf city" with my band Emblem3, that includes my lil Brother Keaton and my best Homie Drew Chadwick.

 I started singing at a very young age, in dippers I would be running around with a toy sword humming the tunes of my dads favorite film scores, until eventually I was writing and singing my own songs. I started playing guitar at age 6 and wrote my first song called "Come on back" when i was 11. Music has always been around me cause my mom and dad are both musicians so I cant remember a time when i didn't sing.

 Before X Factor my band Emblem3 and I had played shows all over SoCal, from the Hard Rock, Whiskey, Roxy, House of blues, The Block, the Lab, Chain Reaction, the OC battle of the bands, "which we won first place", and Supercross world championship in Las Vegas ;). Performing was just a way of life, probably averaging 2 shows a month, including open mics, clubs and even backyard parties. 

My musical influences very from all types of artists, I listen to every Genre so ive picked up flavors from all of them. but if i was to name drop some favs, theyd be Sublime, Blink 182, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pepper, Mac miller, Wiz Khalifa. Those are some of my all time favs and some new favorites. Im definitely leaving some out but oh well.

 The very first show i ever played was soo sick! It was in Sequim at my buddy Jacks house on top of his Halfpipe that he had in his back yard. Guys were skating the pipe, while the girls vibed and danced. I was in 6th grade and everyone from my middle school was there!! I couldn't of had a better first show experience and not gonna lie I gained some popularity among the kids from my hometown after that ;) which was dope. Music became my life that night. 

Im a very real, down to earth, soulful artist. Im insanely passionate when it comes to music and through it i express positivity and good vibes. Music is my therapy. If i were to drop an album right now it would be very modern, contemporary, yet have a very organic feel to it. Earth tones hybrid with Modern age cutting edge shit.

 There are many things i could say to try and tell you why i have the Xfactor but i feel it comes down to this. I have the raspy lead vocals, I have the look and the character to back it. Im a real artist from inside out, and My band is what music needs right now. I simply just Believe it. 

What are my guilty pleasures?? I hate guilt, and try to avoid anything that could place that feeling in me. I take pleasure in dedicating myself to becoming the best human i can possibly be. Work out everyday, eat healthy with every meal, I read and feed my brain before bed instead of watch tv, and I Surf, Skate, and take long trecks and get lost. 
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19 year old Drew Chadwick was born in a grey little city in Washington State that shares the Strait of Juan De Fuca with Vancouver island, British Colombia. Nothing significant has ever occurred in the city of Port Angeles except for the brief mention in the first book of the Twilight Saga. For generations my ancestors where nothing but simple hearted lumberman and fisherman. Until I was born October 1st 1992 and changed that real quick. I don't remember but Iv e been told since I could communicate, I was a very curious individual. A toddler Asking philosophical questions to a father who ponders the same questions himself. I was raised in my own little world of creativity, curiosity and wonder that often got me into trouble. I didn't ever care to conform or be normal. I didn't care for school and nothing academical sparked my interest besides philosophy, conspiracies, psychology and Art. I was a free spirit wondering the halls of a public school system that strives for conformity, In a Dreamers world, Anything is possible and a dreamer I was and am.

My parents divorced when I was at a young age. Like 2 or 3. A Wound that cut deep even if I was too young to understand the pain. An everlasting wound that helped me acknowledge the fact that nothing physical lasts forever. This is the type of information that cannot be taught, it can only experienced and acknowledged. Cycling from household to household on a weekly basis for nearly a decade grants you a plethora of unique experience. Especially when your parents are complete opposites. A fun free spirited mother who lacked discipline and encouraged a "Live and Learn" lifestyle and a father who recognized this and compensated for our families lack of structure with a strong thumb that he kept pressed hard, teaching me to be strong-willed, determined, motivated, healthy, respectable and built a strong foundation of belief beneath my core. So I got the best of both worlds, An interesting clash of color to paint the many expressions on my ever aging face.

My sometimes chaotic and dysfunctional up-bringing was really a blessing in disguise that encouraged me to reach out and find balance, find my passion, express myself through creativity and constantly improve in whatever I set my heart on. Whether it be the Arts or Athletics I had to be number one. My father was careful to lace every fiber in my core with fierce competitiveness. With this competitive drive I would always take the bull by the horns not only on the ball field but In virtually every aspect of my life. I was successful the moment I learned that whatever the future may hold for me, depends on what actions and work I put in now. If you want it and you work hard enough, when the time comes, which it will, it is going to come down to you being more prepared than the opposition. So when it comes time to play ball, you'll be ready to win that shiny trophy. Do everything with that attitude and destiny will pave itself for you. Things will fall into place right in front of your eyes as they have done for me. After awhile, your hard work becomes effortless because you've been doing it for such a long time and you`ll be so engaged in your work that your no longer working towards something, you are living it. At that point destiny has manifested itself and success is that shiny trophy.

Music is the keeper of my deepest love. Once you get a grip on how music works and understand how different patterns of sound vibrations can be arranged into chords, melodies and harmonies etc. and you begin to understand the relationship between you, your hands and your instrument. You will begin to understand your instrument from the inside and out. You will no longer be focusing on trying to hit the right note or putting your hands in the right place at the right time. Almost instinctively your brain will join forces with your emotions and work methodically with your instrument to produce a sound that replicates your feelings. Your feelings generate the music. So in other words, you are the sound and the sound is you, using your instrument as a tool to solely take the feelings that are within and ventilate. Imagine a wave of vibrant colors that mix and swirl together in a unique array of patterns that perfectly mimic the artists feelings and emotions. They are the artists feelings and emotions, just in the form of sound vibrations. You're taking the intangible, replicating it, than actually physically projecting what was unreachable and transforming it into sound waves that can be interpreted by anybody despite what language they understand. It's known as the universal language because you don't need to speak to understand the point the artist is trying to make, instead you can just listen and let the sound enter your body through your ears so your brain can process the music in a way that actually allows you to experience what the artist is trying to communicate through the song. It's like taking data from one computer, putting it on a memory card then transferring that information to another computer where you can open that file and access the information within. Music is a way to share the feelings that occurred after the artist had a certain experience that inspired them. It is a way for other people to share that experience and share that emotion in full definition, despite how long ago the song was written. In essence music is what feelings sound like.

All in all I'm a pretty interesting person who's all over the place. I love extreme sports like snowboarding, skating and surfing. I love feeling healthy, I love competition, I love expressing myself through creativity in different kinds of art including music. I love depth and passion, I love spirituality and positivity, I love to find more and more about my self as a person. I love experiencing all different kinds of activities like rock climbing, hiking or really anything thats captivating and makes me feel alive. When your heart beats at a high frequency you can literally radiate more energy outward and inspire other people to do good for themselves and others. When enough people start doing this it can become almost like an epidemic of positivity that will change the entire consciousness of humanity for the better! Thats my goal, to be an active member in this change of different thinking. A kind of thinking that involves global unity and acceptance between everyone. Thats whats important to me. But aside from all that, I really just live day by day in an attempt to constantly improve in all aspects of my life.